This is what has been on my agenda lately. As I make the time, links will provide more details to each project.

Strategic Planning Inquiry Group

I co-chaired a team of board members, faculty and staff to investigate capacity building from the aspects of technology, tools & territories. The objectives of this group was to identify and develop avenues that could better prepare young women to thrive in a new and innovation economy.

March 2015 – Leadership and Strategy

The Prototype Classroom

It started with the question, how do we identify changes that best accommodate the needs of 21st century teachers and learners? The goal for this project was to design a classroom that would act as a baseline and allow for the creation of a learning space that fully supported creativity, communication skills, collaboration and critical thinking. This exploratory space would evolve as its inhabitants explore innovative teaching and learning methods that are backed up by measurable objectives and feedback.

Inspiration for this project came from the research on innovative learning methods and the recent emphasis on the direct association between learning and school design. Influences were drawn from online exploration, visits to high-profile independent schools and by interviews with educators known for their application of 21st century learning methods and how they adapted their spaces to the needs of the modern classroom.

The prototype classroom has created an environment that allows for innovative educational ideas that benefit from inquiry, project-based learning, the flipped classroom, differentiated learning, design thinking, and student-directed learning while also adapting to traditional pedagogy by easily adjusting for face-to-face discussion or group work.

May 2016 – Facilities, Leadership and Strategy