Within this blog you will find my thoughts about the current, the future, and business trends, including societal and behavioral changes that come with new technology. I ponder the effects and the evolution of technology, and what it means for us as individuals, employees and leaders to have a healthy mindset in this world of constant change.

Having spent the last two decades working in the technology field, my focus and responsibility lately has grown to build healthy cultures, develop passionate people, and create powerful technology capabilities that directly benefits thousands of users. I have spent a considerable amount of time working in the independent school arena.

I found early on that I have an innate ability to connect the dots quickly. It has grown a passion where I thrive when applying creativity to insights, connecting people to purpose, strategy to execution, leaders with teams, talents with opportunities, and processes with technology.

I currently serve as a senior administrator at one of the largest independent schools in the country, leading a team that is tasked with enhancing educational curriculum through technology integration and that provides authentic learning opportunities through the use of technology. My current job keeps me continually challenged to creatively solve problems related to both education, marketing, fundraising and business.

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