Blank Dashboard in WordPress after moving website

After I restored and moved a website for a client the Dashboard section was completely empty. I couldn’t get to Posts, Media etc. I had to go to /wp-admin/includes/screen.php and on line 706 find the following PHP statement: <?php echo self::$this->_help_sidebar; ?>, then replace it with the statement: <?php echo $this->_help_sidebar; ?>.

EIGRP is no longer proprietary

I’m a little late for for this party as this was news back in 2013. With that admission out of the way, let’s get to the excitement if you haven’t heard it already. For as long as I can remember EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) has always been a Cisco proprietary routing protocol. While reading Cisco CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0, I came across something that was news to me, that there is an informational RFC on EIGRP. That would mean that maybe we’ll see a other vendors coming out with EIGRP support in the future, spreading the love for the protocol.

Before we get too excited, it looks as if Cisco intentions are to only release the basic features of EIGRP and not everything that the protocol has to offer. One has to start somewhere, right?

More about the informational RFC here:

More on EIGRP here:


Networking Terms and Definitions

I will update this list every time I find clearly explained definitions that help with reading technical documentation.


Downstream Router
A router that is one or more hops away in the direction of the


Upstream Router
Any router that is one or multiple hops in the direction of the
source of the information.

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